How To Be A Frugal Fashionista

What’s the only thing that can make finding a new pair of shoes or that perfect little black dress even more satisfying? Getting a good deal of course! One thing us fashionista’s all have in common besides our love for all things fashion, is our desire to look good for a low price! Well, luckily we at Teranz Boutique have some expert advice for you on how to shop smart and get the most for your money

Buy Staple Items – Trendy items are fun and great, but should be bought sparingly because we all know how quickly trends change. Instead, focus on buying wardrobe staples like a little black dress, a nice leather jacket, or a kick-ass pair of jeans, that can be paired with almost any item or trend and never go out of style.

Shop Off Season – As spring time rolls around, stores will be filling their shelves with sundresses and sandals as shoppers are looking to update their spring wardrobes. But what most shoppers don’t consider is that this is also the perfect time to catch amazing discounts on the winter clothes being moved off the floor to make room for the spring lines. This is a great time to get good prices on jackets and boots that will be ready for you to pull out when fall comes back around!