If you’re breezing the boulevards of that big shouldered city Chicago and someone asks you where you got that dreamy wardrobe, you know your complimentary kinsman is from out of town because there is only one place that has even the high rollers looking longingly out of their limos and that’s Teranz Boutique.

Teranz, the wonder of 17 North Wabash Street, is not vying for the garment gold with the city’s couture conscious because Teranz competes only with Teranz and is constantly outdoing itself. Instead of having stores in locations throughout the world Teranz brings the best that the design world has to offer so you can make your fashion statement into a universal truth.

The staff at Teranz recognizes the unique qualities of each client and enhances one’s appearance so that, when leaving the store, that person feels as good on the inside as she looks on the outside.

The selection of clothes from casual to club to formal is drawn from designers both European and domestic. Though only the finest materials go into creating the classical contemporary look of the creations that grace the interior of this bouquet of a boutique any item is kept at a cost to keep you coming back again and again.

The philosophy at Teranz is that a dress, jacket, pants or any of its line of seductive lingerie may have a price but its true worth, to the buyer and and to those who will admire it, is realized when it’s worn.

The boutique’s eclectic and electrifying stock are chosen with the same aesthetic sensitivity as Rembrandt selecting just the right shade of pigment to complete a masterpiece.

Don’t think of of enjoying the Teranz experience as entering through a glass door but by going through a looking glass into a realm of enchantment where make believe can be made believable.

You will shun inhibitions and savor the way you look in a gown that accentuates your sensuous curves, that sheer halter top, that leather vest and form fitting pants that will make you a vision to be enamored.

Where most clothing stores are “trendy” or “happening” their appeal fades whereas Teranz has continued for over a decade to upgrade not only the sartorial but the celebratory profile of a major metropolitan complex. This is achieved by keeping a watchful, but critical, eye on stories featuring what is said with thread. The internet has turned the entire globe into one big trunk show and every corner of it is devoted to revolutionizing what’s seen on its runway.

The fashion stylist will consult you on what you want to express through the latest he or she has to offer in fabric be it formal or funky.

You no longer have an excuse not to be among the vanguard in conceptual clothing because you’ll be wearing an ensemble that make men smile a little wider as they pass and cause women to cast an envious glance.

Teranz caters to the clothing connoisseur who is on the go and knows where to go. Where else…TERANZ.